Season 1

FFS India Season 1 was initiated with a vision of promoting engineering practical application and implementation among the budding engineering students. FFS India, while providing an efficient competition platform for the students aspiring to design and develop the Formula vehicle, it also strives to impart the basic knowledge, provide assistance from FMAE advisors/alumni to overcome the major problems like project handling, understanding the basic concepts of the competition, financial management faced by the new entrants/inexperienced teams to develop healthy competition among the teams during the final round.

FFS India Season 1 was organized at Kari Motor Speedways, Coimbatore from October 6th – 9th ,2017. A total of 32 teams were registered for the event. Organizing Committee provided more than 10 months to the teams to work on the vehicle and make a strong preparation for the Final Round. After the initial phase of Document and Running Car video submissions only 20 teams made it to the Final Round.

All the team were grilled and grinded for 2 days with grueling static activities with judges getting on the nerve of the teams. Only 6 teams made it to the Dynamic activities. Teams went on through various dynamic activities i.e., Acceleration, Skidpad, Autocross and Endurance. We would like to mention that only four team were able to qualify for the Final Endurance run. Endurance was another grueling session which tested the performance of the man and machine. After of grueling session and clearing all the static and dynamic activities it was Yodha Racing from Hindustan University, Chennai emerged as Champions. Team Udaaan from St. John College of Engineering and Management, Palghar was awarded as Runner Up.