The recent season of FFS India 2019 was one of the very successful seasons as we have noticed exceptional growth in the teams as well as to their car. We are glad that the efforts are been shown at this stage of product design and development by the student teams. We are also thankful to all the student teams for their cooperation in carrying out the event successfully. Although only 4 teams clear the brakes and 2 teams overcome from endurance, it was a great learning curve for all of our students.

With this note, we are all set to roll out the next season for more learning and more improvements. FFS INDIA 2020 will be the extension of FFS INDIA 2019 with another season of formula teams taking the competition to a higher level and more learning. The event calendar, rulebook and awards category is launched on the official website.
The registration amount will be payable in two different installments. Making it easier for the teams to register and make the payment. The registration fee for FFS INDIA 2020 will be INR 69,200 in total inclusive of all charges. The fee will be payable in two installments i.e., the first installment will be of INR 41,100 and the second installment will be of INR 28,100. All teams will get adequate time for making the payment after they complete the registration process.
The Organizing Committee will organize 3 official workshops that will help the teams and participants to understand the designing, analysis, manufacturing techniques, report preparations and about the event conduction. A mandatory rulebook quiz will be there to make everyone aware of the overall rules to be followed starting from the team formation to the final event.

See you guys at Kari Motor Speedway, Coimbatore.

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