After the successful completion of 2nd season of FFS INDIA, FMAE is proud to announce the commencement of Season 3.

The tentative dates for the event will be first week of October (The final dates will be announced according to participating universities and colleges examination schedule) .

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The number of prize categories will be 30 including a total of INR 3.4 lakhs prize money for various categories with the help of the sponsors .

The registration amount will be payable in two different installments. Making it easier for the teams to register and make the payment. The total amount will be 67,800 (In total, inclusive of all charges).The fee will be payable in two installments i.e., first installment will be of INR 40,680 and second installment will be of INR 27,120. 

All teams will get adequate time for making the payment after they complete the registration process.

The Organizing committee will organize an official workshop which will help the teams and participants to understand the designing, analysis, manufacturing techniques, report preparations and about the event conduction.

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