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Our Approach

It has been years that the Formula competition made its mark in Country. At one side if it is promoting engineering practical application and implementation amongst the budding engineering students the other side needs a bit of assistance, where if we remove the top experienced teams from the list, we have around more than 100 teams facing a high arm battle with financial problems, management problems, team formation problems etc. and finally end up with disappointment of being not able to clear the initial inspection to make themselves eligible to participate in main event, these teams are mostly the new bee entering first time in such event, it’s not that they are not capable of giving the competition but they just need a hand, a direction to move ahead during their project execution stages.

Who are we?

Our initiative is to enlighten each and every one of you there with healthy knowledge of motorsport vehicle manufacturing and fabrication.

We at FMAE have a bunch of highly qualified and experienced team who would guide you throughout your path. All you need to do is join us. Now, let us warn you, the path towards glory isn’t going to be an easy one. You will have your share of hurdles to dodge. We will be there for you giving you all the important tips and tricks to get past each and every barrier that comes your way. Okay now, why are we so confident in claiming such a strong support is because we have a team which is headed by 25 Technical Experts from reputed organizations/industries throughout the country and around 15 educational experts. We are really proud of having such a veteran team along with us. The organizing team of FMAE comprises of individuals with 2-3 years’ experience in organizing design challenges throughout the nation. All of us will endeavor to provide you all the assistance you want.

Our Support

Our supports strives to help program participants realize their capacity for positive change. In an effort to further develop skills in this area, Sponsors like SFI Foundation INC and Saeitta Engineering , London are with us in this journey.




Organizer- FFS


SFI Foundation INC


Safety Partner- FFS


Saeitta Engineering


Associate Partners -FFS


FMAE organizes three different design challenges, which includes FFS, Quad Bike Design Challenge, Formula Kart Design Challenge.

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